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With FrameNinja all your streaming needs in one place

Use FrameNinja to control your OBS.
Here you can animate any elements, control sources and create things that are impossible in OBS.
Use FrameNinja to automate your processes. Here you can assign hotkeys, trigger if a certain condition happens and call chains automatically at intervals.
Using our infinite functions and integration, such as Twitter, Discord, etc., you can customize them however you like and be individual in the vast world of streaming.

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Best. Chat. Ever

Most powerful chat ever created

Designed by Streamers for Streamers. With

  • Billion Ways to Manage your Viewers
  • Highlight ANYTHING
  • Connect Multiple Platform (Twitch, YouTube, etc)
  • Don't Miss ANYTHING (All your alerts in one place)
  • Useful Statistics

Try FrameNinja for Free

Try FrameNinja for Free

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