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An infinite set of functions and possibilities of their interaction


Numerous functions allow streamer to do literally anything


The key component of our app is scalability with dozens of new integrations and functions

Advanced Customize

Unique ability to customize each function as you like

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Chains. Real Game-Changer

Create delightful chains of functions, with just a few clicks

Unlimited Control

Chains will allow streamers to combine functions in many useful ways

Fast & Powerful

To create complex chains you will take only a several minutes


Variables allow you to specify values that can be changed before starting

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Events. Rule your stream

Automate your chains or single function and make your life better


Start a chain automatically when a certain condition happens


Advanced customization via command editor


Variables allow you to specify values

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Autoruns. Just Autoruns.

Run chains automatically so you don't get distracted from your broadcast

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Best. Chat. Ever

Most powerful chat ever created

Designed by Streamers for Streamers. With

  • Billion Ways to Manage your Viewers
  • Highlight ANYTHING
  • Connect Multiple Platform (Twitch, YouTube, etc)
  • Don't Miss ANYTHING (All your alerts in one place)
  • Useful Statistics

Try FrameNinja for Free

Try FrameNinja for Free

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